My Kenya Favorites

I decided that it is about high time to tell you a bit more about my Kenya favorites and more (in detail) on what it is I like about this country. You could say this is a personal Top 10 list, except that there are going to be more than 10.

This will be about my favorite people, places to stay & visit, animals, music and anything else that will come to mind. And yes, it may sound like it’s all about me on this page, but my thinking is, as interested as I am about hearing what it is that makes you interested on Kenya, some of you might like to hear about mine. ;-)

And maybe you’ll get more ideas on what not to miss in and about Kenya.

Of course, as just said, I’m very interested in hearing about YOUR favorite experiences, adventures and safaris, so please keep them coming

Ok, so you know a little bit already how and why it happened that I’m so in love with this country, (after reading the "about me" page of course), but what it is that I do while in Kenya, and why I keep going back for more, I will tell you here.

Honestly, the 'why' is still a bit unclear, but that adds to the mystery. It’s just that deep down desire and yearning feeling that I can’t quite explain. But let me tell you, it calls me!

This will be a very interesting undertaking, so, sit tight, come back often to check what else I come up with, and enjoy. I hope to meet you in Kenya on safari one day and share favorites.

Update 2017: Now that I've had some more time living in this amazing, at times challenging country, the list is likely to grow and I will be adding more destinations, ideas & favorites shortly. 

It's all been a huge learning process, but the beauty of it all never stops to amaze me!

My Kenya Favorites LIST (in random order)

I know, it’s a crazy list, what can I say?! Enjoy!!

NOTE: All photos are © by Siggi Hosenfeld

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