The Jahazi Coffee House

The Jahazi Coffee House on Ndia Kuu is just the thing!!

Whilst on the Coast and visiting Mombasa you shouldn't miss out on this one, especially when you find yourself at Fort Jesus, which is very close to Old Town.

In the very middle of Old Town - after wandering around, admiring the wonderful, although sadly neglected old buildings and facades - you will find yourself, especially in the hot months, wishing for a shady, cool place to relax, re-fresh and have a nice drink of some sort.

Coffee comes to mind..........

Jahazi Coffee House

And there it is.....

It is nice and cool inside, without air-conditioning, just naturally cool because of the way it was build 'back in the days'. That way it doesn’t feel like you’re hit by a hammer when you re-emerge again into the heat of Mombasa.

When a group of Aga Khan Academy school teachers launched the Coffee House in 2007, it was their sole aim to restore a tradition and offer a place to enjoy the simplest pleasures in life.

Tea & Coffee

"The Jahazi Coffee House is helping to revive Mombasa's most vibrant, diverse and historic town. This not-for-profit project aims to establish a comfortable space whereby visitors and residents can come together and share experiences.

All proceeds raised help support community development projects in the Old Town."

Sittin area

Naheed Bardai, one of the founders explains: "It's about providing a space for community and inter-cultural dialogue. It is a multicultural place where race knows no boundaries, and religion has no hindrance. This is what makes it unique!"

You will find the most amazing fresh pressed Mango juice and you will find that one glass isn't enough.

There are different kinds of coffee’s - the spiced, swahili, turkish, regular and iced versions.

And of course the traditional teas - the masala, regular and iced.

Careful, they can be very strong!!

You will also find snacks and delicious main courses with delightful desserts to conclude.

It has a small Art Gallery and Exhibitions of local & international artists.

There are Poetry nights as well as Musical concerts.

You can’t go wrong by paying it a visit!!

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