Kenya National Parks and Reserves

There are some 54 Kenya National Parks and Reserves, with many sanctuaries and private conservancies all over the country.

Nairobi National Park was the first park that was formed in 1946 and borders now almost directly onto the city. You will see the boundaries when you come in from the airport.

The private conservancies work closely together with the Kenya Wildlife Services, KWS. The responsibility for the management of the National Reserves, the Maasai Mara being one of them, is in constant fluctuation and being discussed on a regular base. It is mainly under the oversight of the country councils.

KWS is responsible for managing the National Parks, to protect the wildlife from poaching and from bush meat opportunists, which is a huge problem all over Africa.

The Marine National Parks and Reserves fall under their restrictions and management as well.

Lake Naivasha doesn't really fall under any of these managements, nevertheless a wonderful lovely place to visit and it is often part of the safari circuit.

Protecting these Parks and Reserves is getting more and more important, as our population is growing incredibly fast and resources are running low for both humans and animals. These natural pockets supply us all with water, trees and fresh air.

Considering that only about 10% of Kenya's Nature and Animals are under protection, shows how precious this all is! It will require for us All to pull together, locals & visitors, to safeguard what is still left for future generations and for All of us, Humans AND Animals, as we are ALL connected!

Kenya National Parks:

Kenya National Reserves:

Kenya National Parks and Reserves on the Coast:

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They are all wonderful special places and each one of them has very unique characteristics! Lets hope we will be all able to enjoy them for many years to come!

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