A Day at Lake Naivasha

What to do on a lovely sunny Sunday in Nairobi? A day at Lake Naivasha sounds just like the thing to do! - Jump in the car and get out of the city to enjoy the amazing country side I have come to love so much!

Since we didn’t quite know where the car would lead us, we took some snacks & water just in case. We headed towards the Rift Valley and the view, as always, was stunning.

Once there, Lake Naivasha seemed to be a logical destination for lunch and a not too far distance to cover in a day.

So we did!

Lake Naivasha

We ended up at Camp Carnelley’s, which is right by the lake, and immediately thoughts of coming back for a weekend to camp there came to mind. It’s on the list now!

You will find the most beautiful trees there and one feels at rest and at peace instantly. You start to pay attention to your breathing, and after lots of 'lovely' city fumes, this is just heavenly for your lungs.

The amount of different bird species is amazing and you find yourself looking for new ones constantly. I saw my first 'giant kingfisher' and the most beautiful tiny kingfisher, who visited with us for quite some time before taking off toward the lake again.


After taking in as much as we could down by the lake, hunger took over and we decided to see what we could find.

We wandered into the restaurant, which is very lovely and invites to just lounge, enjoy the view down to the lake and completely relax. A cold Tusker helped along and the food hit the spot!

Carnelly's Camp

We sat and contemplated if it was really necessary to head back or if we should just stay for a couple of days?!

Well, we did head back but it stayed with us/me for a long time and made going back to work the next day so much easier, with a clearer mind and new spunk in my steps.

And the realization that we did something that not a lot of people do and to answer the question:

"So, what did you do this weekend?"


"Oh, we spend the day at Lake Naivasha, had a lovely lunch there and wandered around by the lake watching birds"....felt very nice!

So, hoping to inspire more of you to go venture out of the city, as it is easily to accomplish and such a worthwhile & invigorating feeling!

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