Kenya Radio Station

Kenya Radio Stations - A wonderful, cool and exciting way to find out what’s going on in Kenya, and feel like you’re right there is through listening to all the latest news and latest hits.

You will find some great Kenya radio station on the internet with wonderful, energetic, funny DJ’s who play the everyday TOP 7 hits, which are a mixture of up to date popular music and local artists that are just fabulous.

There are some daily political debates on current issues, where you will find what's really on people's minds and how they feel about their country.

You can be anywhere in the world, in your office or at home, listening to these radio stations and feel like you are right in the middle of this fantastic country. You can also practice your Swahili a little bit, because you will definitely hear that there as well. ;)

Please visit KENYA MUSIC to learn more about the Music in Kenya and the Latest Trends!

So, be sure to come back to check this Kenya Radio Station link and get the latest news, listen to local music and much, much more. It is the BEST!!!

Other local Kenya Radio Station

There are more and more great Kenya Radio Stations emerging and here are some of THE BEST!!!

Capital FM 98.4 and Metro East FM 91.9 are local Kenya stations and Metro FM 101.9 (KBC)provides a more general broadcast.

Capital FM 98.4
98.4 Capital FM aims to offer a high-quality service that is relevant to its target audience, 20-45 years old, and their lives. Music is at its core, but this is augmented by other distinctive public service elements, including up-to-date local and international news, features and informative advice campaigns on issues that matter to the listeners.

98.4 Capital FM aims to deliver the best new music, with a music policy covering all the relevant genres.

Metro East FM 91.9
Metro East FM 91.9 is a pioneer, 24 hour South Asian radio station that captures a unique niche market, transmitting from Nairobi, Kenya to over 110 countries world-wide.

It’s major asset is it’s team of talented and creative presenters, who bring listeners versatile and entertaining programs, that will capture their imagination and loyalty.

Metro FM 101.9 (KBC) is the pioneering FM station in Kenya. Set up in April, 1996 Metro FM pledged to bring the listener what's in and what's out in International Music, what's cool and what's doomed in multi-media entertainment; what's in the making in Kenya's music and what's breaking in D.R.C's Lingala; what's blending in sentimental R& B and who is bending the rules in contemporary Hip hop - in short the NEXT LEVEL in musical entertainment.

With a core staff of 15 officers, Metro FM is blazing the trail for the rest of the field with its slogan "Power in the Music".


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