Kenya Safari Tours

Having gone through the searching process of finding the right Kenya Safari Tour Operator, I came across these companies that offer a huge and affordable variety of different trip's.

It’s always a little tricky to find exactly what you’re looking for and in the end it is the result of the whole experience, that you will have during your safari, that will really tell you how you feel about your tour operator.

NOTE: If you are interested in finding some information about volunteering in Kenya, you can go to VOLUNTEER IN KENYA and learn about different opportunities and available placements.

I'm hoping, the information offered here, will help you speed up this process of searching and will get you on your way to an unforgettable Kenya Safari.

And if you have more questions or would like more information, you can always get in touch!

List of Kenya Safari Tour Operators

Bush and Events Africa

Bush & Events Africa is a fully certified Tour Operator in Nairobi specializing in Safaris, Day trips, Mountaineering, Airport transfers, Team building, Hotel Bookings, Hire of 4x4's and Event organizing/Event management
"We provide unmatched, professional services to corporates and individuals and strive to perfect our services day by day."

Sunworld Safaris

Sunworld Safaris was established in 1997 and is still currently operating with its head office based in Nairobi, Kenya. Their pride is in offering select 4 x 4 safari packages, tailor made safaris and four wheel drive car hire. The company is run by Gabriele who is Austrian and Dave, a born and bred Kenyan. The aim is to show YOU Kenya the way Sunworld Safaris knows it and to ensure that the knowledge is featured in the itineraries they provide. Advice is offered whether you wish to experience a fully organized safari or simply rent one of the 4x4 vehicles on self-drive or chauffeur driven basis. One of their specialty is to cater to photographers!

Exodus - The Different Holiday

Exodus is a recommendation from a dear travel companion from the UK. The selections of different holidays and tours are fantastic and so are the prices. One of the things they pay a large emphasis to is to use locally owned and run accommodations. The tours are authentic experiences of foreign places and cultures and they believe that the best way to discover the essence of a country is to use accommodation with character and transport appropriate to the terrain, whether that is a 4x4 jeep or a camel. Above all they are committed to the well-being of the communities that are the hosts and the natural environment that we are there to experience.

Explore! Worldwide

Explore! Worldwide believes in smaller groups, meaning fewer footprints. ‘Explore’ is very much dedicated to Responsible Tourism and has been rewarded by a ’3-Star Responsible Tourism status’ by the Association of Independent Tour Operators, which is the highest level achievable.
The prices are fabulous and definitely worth checking out. Their catalog is wonderful, lots of pictures and great new tours.
'Explore' customers look for an experience from their holiday. An opportunity to go beyond the run-of-the-mill tourist, offering to meet, see and appreciate different people, cultures and landscapes.

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