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Giraffe in NNP

There are Kenya pictures all over this website, but I wanted to create a place to view them more easily.

I will also add some videos that I think will show the great adversity of this country and its Animal Kingdom. Very exciting stuff!!

Maybe you’ll feel like going on a little visual trip and enjoy this slide show from the comfort of your home and view the animals from a 'safe' distance. ;-) Although, eventually, you would want to hear, smell and see them up close.

Believe me, it’s a whole different experience and absolutely 'priceless'.

Maybe you feel like renewing your dream of a African safari and need a little 'refresher'?!

Whatever might be the case, I hope you’ll enjoy this little slice of Kenya.

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Sights and Sounds of Nature - The beautiful wildlife and nature in Kenya!

Echo was one of the most famous and best known elephants in Kenya. She lived in Amboseli National Park for over 30 years and her family continues to live there until today.

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