David Sheldrick Trust Pictures

It is really hard to stay away from this place, especially if you are an elephant lover. Having been there many times I now reserve it for special occasions when I have friends come over.

Not that I need an excuse, but it is so much more fun sharing this with people and also to check on the baby’s and watch them grow up!

At any given time The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust takes care of about 20+ orphaned elephant baby’s at the orphanage in Nairobi, which is located just inside the Nairobi National Park.

The ages range from baby, everything under 2 years, up to 4 to 5 years. After that they move on to the other locations outside of Nairobi, Tsavo National Park being one of them.

There they learn to interact with wild elephants and slowly feel free to wander out into the park and when they are ready, live their life's truly as wild elephants again. Although most of them will never forget their human family!

David Sheldrick Trust Pictures

Greeting the baby's when they come down to visit and to receive their milk.

Elephant Babies at Trust© Siggi Hosenfeld

Having a bit of a scratch! They are just so incredible cute and fun to watch.

Elephant baby close up© Siggi Hosenfeld

This one almost manages to hold the bottle; when they are a bit over 2 years they will continue their journey back into the wild at either Ithumpa or Voi.

Elephant Babies gets bottle© Siggi Hosenfeld

Babies are having some water. Most of them manage pretty well with their little trunks.

Elephant Babies at Trust having some water© Siggi Hosenfeld

Ah, so much fun and being silly is just the thing to do for a little baby elephant.

Elephant Baby being silly© Siggi Hosenfeld

Call me crazy, but there is something very cute about a little elephant butt. - Always wonder a little bit what goes on in their minds...sometimes you get a good idea, but other times they seem to be lost in thought. Just like us.

Elephant buttElephant Baby

© Siggi Hosenfeld

There is simply nothing better than a mud bath for an elephant and it is brilliant to watch them enjoy it.

Elephant Baby having a mud bath© Siggi Hosenfeld

The precious moment of the little ones getting their milk and some extra time with their keeper.

Elephant Baby Keeper© Siggi Hosenfeld

Visiting hour with these little guys at the orphanage is from 11am to noon.

Would you like to visit with the precious wonderful elephant orphans?

Perhaps even foster one of them?

You should not miss this amazing experience which will leave you simply....happy!

And will put a big smile on your face! I promise!! ;-)

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