What People Say About KTI

Sometimes it helps to see what people say about KTI to get a feeling for the website and for me to get feedback from All of you. Here are a few of them:

Candie Schmidt - Chestermere, Alberta
I stumbled across your site wanting to read a factual item about elephants in one of my rare free moments. I got caught up in your excitement and enjoyed your site. I have a young music student traveling to Africa next year with a youth program for many reasons but primarily because her mother wanted to do this and never had the chance. i think she will enjoy this site so i will forward your story to her. Thank you and all the best to you.

Felix - Kenya
Thanks for loving my motherland! I am currently in the UK and will be going back to Kenya next Autumn. I hold a degree in Wildlife Management and am so pleased to hear about your love for the wild! I love the thrills and adventures in the wild, which I miss now but long to be back to the parks and reserves enjoying the beauty! I hope to get in touch with you again and hopefully let you know more of my work with wildlife! Cheerio! Felix.

Kris Ann - United States
I am very impressed with your website. What a great collection of information and data, and all very well researched and updated!

Mark – United Kingdom
Just wanted to say, 'Brilliant site', packed full of useful information. For someone who is researching Kenya, with a view to setting up a wildlife preservation trust in the country, your site has been extremely useful. Keep up the good work!

Fred.B - Kenya
I must say how enlightening your website is! Stuff like this only can come from First-Hand experience of our unique country – Kenya.
Well, I am a Kenyan working and living in Qatar and so impressed by your grasp of our country. Your valuable insight transverses the great effort of marketing Kenya and more so when it is heartfelt as yours is. You have a passion for Kenya!
All along I have known that there are lots of people out there when after visiting Kenya, they get mesmerized by its diverse attractions and they become natural Ambassadors of ours, like you. As a valuable heritage to Kenya and the world we should all protect those natural habitats, the wildlife, positive cultures and all that pertains to humanity's harmonious co-existence with nature. Kenya Travel Ideas is your contribution to this, Pongezi Siggi!
Thank you.
Asanta Sana!

Mary – United States
Nice to find another lover of Kenya. - Your comments on your site touched me because I feel as you do. In April I was in Kenya, and I was determined once and for all to figure out the "whys" and I still don't have an answer. Now I don't think I ever will. Maybe that is part of Kenya's mystique? I do know I learned to be more in the moment there...

Washuka - Kenya
I want to congratulate you on a wonderful project and a great website as a Kenyan in both the tourism and mass media industries. I can say with a certain level of conviction that there are very few sites that offer what you offer and as well as you do.

Amber – United Kingdom
im doing a kenyan project at school at the moment and am really enjoying it! i think this site was really helpful!

Gerard - Brazil
Hi Siggi,
I enjoyed browsing around on your site and the story about your trip! Traveling can change your life!

henry karis - United States
Hey Siggi,
Checking out your site once again.
Looks amazing and has a lot of information. I will link your site to mine.
Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2007.
Love karis

Oscar Kimani - Kenya
I have just visited your site and I would like you to know that it's actually wonderful. I live in Kenya and I have been trying to purchase Solo Build It and the only way I know I can do that is if I have a credit card. Most people in Kenya don't use credit cards and Banks ask for minimum amounts that most people cannot afford. I would like to start an online business and start on the right path. (by using Solo Build It)
I must say again I really love your site and I am looking forward to owning one in the future.

Bakhtyar S Kaoosji – India
Dear Siggi,
I have enjoyed reading the BACK issues. As a research analyst I compliment you. You have no doubt spent long hours in research and study to write like that. I wish more strength to your elbow. I am a citizen of India presently based in Malaysia...
The tourist usually gets only the well rehearsed LINES spoken by the guide and one of my studies show that approx 75% of the tourists do not listen to the guide at all but scan material they carry with them to establish their positions and find out details.
With Best Wishes,

Abdulhaq - United Kingdom
I’ve just bumped into your site I am going to visit it and write. I am a Kenyan abroad and always happy to see sites and articles about Kenya.
Kwaheri ya kuonana

Elias Gichangi - South Africa
Thanks for being a friend of my country Kenya. I am a Kenyan currently studying for a PhD degree in South Africa. I am glad somebody from Germany would have such nice words for my country. It makes me miss home.

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