Rockwall, Nyali

by Stephanie
(Nairobi )

After almost two weeks of exclusively eating Indian food, we take a wedding breather to get some, you guessed it, Indian food.
But not just any: grub that has been praised as a must-eat the night before, during a beer-heavy wedding party that ended as a parking lot party on the tailgate of a pick-up…

So we end up at Rockwall, close to Nakumatt Cinemax in Nyali.
While the menu has Italian and Chinese dishes as well, the Indian barbecue is what you go to Rockwell to.

We start with kebabs, mishkaki and kima chapati. The kebabs are small (which is good!) and the meat finely ground, and full of flavour. The mishkaki is soft, hot and perfectly spiced. The kima chapati is okay, but I probably wouldn’t order it again. It’s too eggy for my taste, and a bit too soggy. It’s not bad though!
With the meat, we have chilli chips: crispy and spicy. Perfect.

And then we go for round two. Not because we are so hungry but because the portions are quite small (but so is the price tag). We go for boneless chicken tikka with naan and prawn masala with more chips.

Hands down, the chicken tikka is the best I’ve ever had! Small pieces, perfectly flavoured, soft, but with slightly charred, chewy edges. Absolutely perfect.
The prawn masala is a bit of an overkill, as I’m pretty full by now. It’s really good nonetheless, but could be a bit less spicy (and that’s from a chilli lover).
The naan isn’t quite my cup of tea. It’s not fluffy enough for my punjabified taste but then it all comes down to what you are used to.

K gets paan delivered from next door to round off the meal while I’m just in need of a bed to digest.

The bill comes and, considering the amount of food we ate, is very low. The mishkaki and kebabs, for example, are Ksh 250 per plate.

So should you every find yourself in Mombasa with a craving for chicken tikka, head to Rockwall. You won’t regret it.

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