Picazzo, The Hub, Karen

by Stephanie
(Nairobi )

Hands down: my current favorite!

We start off with a strawberry-cranberry dawa. I could easily drink these all day, every day. Not too sweet (this could be due to the first two not having any honey in them, though), and the strawberries are delicious. I ask for a spoon, not wanting to waste any of the ones buried underneath ice cubes.

We are both quite hungry and want to go all out, tapas-style. The waitress stops us half-way through the order and suggests some adjustments; and to stop ordering! We look at each other, smiling, thinking ‘she has no clue how much we can eat’. But we go with her recommendations, thinking we will be able to order more later.

Not a chance. Even though we have ‘only’ ordered the meat platter and a salad, we are barely able to finish it.

I have to fight my husband for the salad. That never happens! But the perfect blend of sweetness of the wine-poached pears, the goat’s cheese tart saltiness and the mixed leaves could convert even my husband to a herbivore.

But talking about meat. The pork belly! Absolutely perfect. Small pieces, battered, and deep-fried, but not greasy at all. Crunch, yet soft, and full of flavour. The chicken croquetas are probably my favourite, dipped in the variety of sauces on our table. The chicken wings are delicious as well, with or without the honey-mustard sauce they come with. The chicken skewers are tasty, but nothing special; I probably wouldn’t order them as an individual tapa.

All comes with a basket of freshly baked, fluffy bread.

And even though I am so full I cannot move, I bully my husband into sharing an order of churros with me. I will regret it later, I know it, but once I dip the perfect churro into the steaming hot dark chocolate sauce, and the sweet cinnamon aroma hits my nostrils, I don’t ever want to leave this place anyway…

But leave we do, eventually. Happy, and full. Not before thanking our lovely and very attentive waitress and paying the bill. The bill. *gulp*. Comparing the quality of the food to other Nairobi eateries, the steep price tag is justified, but, unfortunately this means that Picazzo will have to be the occasional treat, instead of a regular lunch spot.


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May 01, 2017

by: Kenya Travel Ideas

This sounds incredible.....think I would be just happy with the dawa and the 'churro into the steaming hot dark chocolate sauce' !!! ;-)
Thank you very much for the great recommendation! Putting it on the list!

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