Kenya Real Estate is the definitive site for the Kenya Real Estate market.

If it is overseas developments, properties to buy or looking to find a place to rent for however long you might need it, the selections are great and are updated on a regular base.

A little history: Formed by Mohamed & Hamida Hassanali in 1993 with a big emphasis on Customer Service, they offer a variety of services. From new property development and consultancy, to letting, selling, managing residential and commercial properties, and even commercial and residential valuations.

They offer honest & knowledgeable services and believe that there is still a lot of untapped potential in developing real estate in Kenya. The office is located at the ABC Mall and it is definitely worth to stop by if you can or in the area.

Here is hoping you will find the right place to hang out in and/or best of luck if you opt for an investment opportunity.

I should mention, that I do not have any financial affiliation with this company. I would love to hear about your experiences, but please do not hold me responsible for whatever it is you might encounter.

It just seems like a very good place to start looking at possibilities for a longer stay in Kenya. So, enough of this legal mumbo jumbo, Enjoy your Hunt !!

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UPDATE 2011:

In the last couple of years and especially in 2011, prices have literally gone through the roof. This is important to know and to plan for. Renting almost doubled in some areas and the cost of buying of course has gone up as well. In the meanwhile apartment buildings are going up everywhere, which makes me hope that everything will be balanced out a bit again soon. This all means you have to just look a little longer, but there are most certainly beautiful places available and all in all still less expensive than overseas in most cases.

I am working on compiling the best places to search for real-estate, as there are more popping up everywhere, and will be your ears & eyes for the best leads, areas and prices.

It can be a challenging thing to organize and find something when you are overseas, as I found out myself, so, being here now makes this so much easier and it will be my pleasure to help you as much as I can!

For questions you might, please contact me here.

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