Go-Kart in Mombasa

by Hanspeter Schmidt
(Basel, Switzerland)

Mombasa Go-Kart

Mombasa Go-Kart

Of course - you don't go for karting to Mombasa. But if you are once there - why not? ... and if your kids will discover it, you end up spending the half holiday on this thrilling place.
A Go-Kart track with African charme. You drive under palm trees, and on which other Go-Kart track will you find camels and donkeys and turtles?
But beside the African touch, the place is on top standard with well maintained and fast Swiss Hutless Go-Karts and a state of the art timing system. For kids, the karts have remote controlled speed governors, so that the speed can be electronically reduced.

In most North Coast hotels you will find an information brochure and the place offers also a free shuttle service. (if you are lucky, a beautiful young lady driver will come and pick you in an awesome red Willys Jeep ... already worth the money)

Beside Karting, there is also an off-road track with beach buggies. The kids have to be at least 14 years to drive them. For younger kids is the excavator park, with real excavators to dig in a huge sand heap and with some challenges and competitions.

Mombasa Go-Kart is located next to the Severin Sea Lodge Hotel and open from 4pm - 10pm Tuesday - Sunday. The center has a large sports screen where you can watch football , Rugby and any other major sporting event. There is a viewing veranda located in the bar and you can order food from the bar whilst you are having a drink and watch the action on the race track.

Webpage: www.mombasa-gokart.com


Thank you very much for the idea Hanspeter!! Sure, why not, especially when you have kids with you! ;-)

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