Don't Forget Kenya

by Erika Nahrgang
(Costa Rica)

I traveled to Kenya June 1, 2008. It has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. The wildlife at Masai Mara, the people and the views are memories for a lifetime.

I recommend the Governor's Camp near the Musiara Gate at the park. It is a lovely spot and the place is super.. I also recommend doing the Balloon Safari at Governor's Camp with David Chipping the pilot. Wow..what a experience. A visit to the Masai village is a must...

Kenya is in desperate help of getting back in business with tourism after the turmoils in Decemeber of 2007. The country has been safe now since February and many people depend on tourism..

So spread the word.. Kenya is the place to visit... It is a must in one's life.

Erika Nahrgang
TV Producer
Costa Rica

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safety question
by: Anonymous

Hello- I am interested with what you saw or think about the safety of Kenya. I am not going to travel until summer of next year, but I have read so much negative dangerous stuff on Kenya, I don't know what to think. Thanks for any help


I've been to Kenya many times and never had any kind of problems. I had very good friends of mine travel this year and none of them reported anything negative.
Please feel free to contact me direct through my 'About me' page and I will be more than happy to answer more detailed questions, should you have more.
Warmest regards,
Siggi, KTI

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