Carnivore, Langata

by Stephanie

Nothing ever changes here but the weather.

The same seems to be true for Carnivore. If you can live off your reputation, you don’t have to upgrade your furniture or invest in nicer facilities. Or a playlist that’s not stuck in the 90’s, somewhere between Nickleback and Lenny Kravitz.

You feel a bit of resentment? Yeah.

Because we’ve just come back from a long weekend of camping and junk food overload. And I want a salad. I hear you – going to a meat restaurant for salad seems a bit counter-intuitive but they used to have a really nice salad bar.

Used to. Because one thing other than the weather seems to have changed: the menu. And none of the things we were looking forward to on our drive had survived the menu changes.

So we settle on a half kilo of meat, onion rings, and creamed spinach.

Our waitress seems to be rather confused by everything we say and order. But she does get things right, albeit slowly.

Our meat is a mixture of beef, lamb, pork, and, my favourite, crocodile. Crocodile can be a huge hit and miss though, dry and chewy and without any flavour. This one is perfect. The pork ribs have a bit too much fat for my liking but are otherwise sweet and spicy and tasty. The lamb isn’t lamb but mutton but I’m used to that by now. I still get mildly disappointed though, not to get soft and lovely lamb but mutton that smells slightly of old sheep. The small piece of beef I had is a bit too dry and chewy.

The onion rings are made of red onions, which is an interesting twist. I still think I prefer white onions for onion rings. The spinach is really nice and does take care of some of my veg cravings.

The price is actually rather reasonably, all things considered.

I wonder though if they’d complain if I just ordered a quarter kilo of crocodile next time!

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