Safari Booking Conditions


After contacting us we will send you all costs involved based on the time you would like to go and on the size of your group, as well as final details about the safari. A few things to keep in mind:

There is a deposit of 20% due at the time of your booking, a further 30% about 2 months before your trip and the rest is due just before the safari starts. If your booking is close to 2 months before your trip starts, a 50% deposit is required with the rest at the start of the trip.

In case of a cancellation the policy is a follows:

Fee from 90 days & over – Deposit is forfeit
Fee from 90-60 days – 25%
Fee from 59-30 days – 50%
Fee from 29-15 days – 75%
Fee from 14-00 days – 100%

Since you will be traveling mainly in a 4x4 jeep (sometimes in small bus) it is recommended that your baggage is packed in soft bags and should weigh no more than 15 kg per person. – It is possible to store luggage during the safari either at the hotel, if you are returning after your trip, or in the office.

Children are allowed, but should be at least 4 years old.

All travelers must be in possession of Insurance; a valid passport, together with any necessary visas, malaria prevention and/or required vaccinations, and also accepts full responsibility for obtaining the same. Also make sure you have and bring enough of your personnel medication that you need.

Please check on Visa requirement for your country. It is possible to obtain a Visa at entry in Nairobi, but it is BEST to have one before you arrive. (

For insurance you can check out, or (We do not have any affiliations with these places)

The Kenyan government only requires immunization against yellow fever. In addition, we strongly recommend prevention against malaria.

Be sure to consult your family doctor and ask if he or she recommends any additional immunizations or shots for you. For detailed, up-to-the-minute information on immunizations, shots, and health and safety advisories for travelers, you can visit the Centers for Disease Control Traveler’s Health website.

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