Bethwel Kiplagat

by Mwangi
(Nairobi, Kenya)

After the disputed election in 2007 he said, "Leadership can not be taken from anyone it can only be delayed for a moment". Bethwel Kiplagat has also served in many peace negotiation in this African land. He is very articulate on what he says and straight to the point. He is a real son of Africa!

Dear Mwangi,

Asante sana.

I did a little bit of research and discovered that Ambassador Bethwel Kiplagat is the:

  • Founder of the Africa Peace Forum, a non-governmental organization in Nairobi, Kenya, which partners with Project Ploughshares I peace building efforts in the Horn of Africa.
  • Former Chairman of the Nairobi Stock Exchange
  • International Conflict Mediator
  • Mediator in both Somalia and Sudanese internal conflicts
  • Former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the special envoy to the Somalia Peace Talks
  • Chancellor of Egerton University
  • Chairman of the K-Rep Bank Ltd. The Bank for the People
  • Career Diplomat

He also holds a Bachelor of Science (Physics & Chemistry) Degree from the University of Sorborne, Paris.

Mr. Kiplagat recently said (April 2008) at a peace meeting in Mombassa that "...a democratic country does not split itself along ethnic or religious lines in seeking justice against perceived wrongs. Rather, all parties have access to all areas and there are no restrictions on freedom to movement."

He said that for peace to be attained, Kenyans had to be honest with them-selves and not wish away issues that led to chaos.

Bethwel Kiplagat is a Kenyan, veteran politician, civil servant and ecumenical and interfaith negotiator for governments and NGO’s.

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