always in my heart.

by Kevin Harrington

My Dad was an Artist and joined the royal airforce to serve his national service. He was posted to Kenya, he fell in love with the country, finished his national service and never returned to England.

It all began for me when I was born in Mombasa in 1963. According to records, in the same hospital and same week as Obama the American president. My first 3 years of my life were in Mombasa ( I don't remember much but my real mum separated from my dad and in later years I fell in love with the Kenyan coast)

We moved to Nairobi where my Father Got a Job Teaching Art At Nairobi School (Prince of wales.) I started school at Lavington Green and then went to S.T. Mrys boys school. My life involved following my father all around the countrY on painting safaris and travelling to the coast for painting contracts he got from the coastal hotels.

It was about the time of born free the movie with joy Adamson who was also a fantastic artist. Due to marital issues with my step mum and dad we returned to England when I was 15.

My dad missed Kenya so much he separated from my step mum and returned to Kenya. I remained in England to finish my schooling.

I now have a lovely hotel (The Kings Beach in Pagham)and love my life. But I do miss Kenya and always on the look out for anyone who speaks Swahilli as I speak it fluently.

Kenya will always hold a special place in my heart.
This is my story
Kevin Harrington.(


Thank you so much for sharing your story Kevin!! And what a fantastic one it IS!!! ;-)
You should come back for a visit!!

Best wishes,
Siggi KTI

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