Action for Children in Conflict - Kenya

by Mike Provenza

Hi there.
I was just reading your website and I have to say, I'm very impressed. It is professional, fun, and full of knowledge and ideas. Like you were in 2002, I am currently on my first visit to Kenya. I stumbled across an amazing organization in a town called Thika that does work with street children, and other poor children and families. They offer 1-day tourism opportunities for a very small contribution, during which you get to see the work they do, some very needy but wonderful street children at their care center, and a bit of Thika itself. I loved it because it gave me a taste of the more typical side of Kenyan life, and a better appreciation for what some people go through here. The staff are also very welcoming and lovely. In fact, I have started to volunteer for a bit with the organization, because I loved it so much. Their name is Action for Children in Conflict, and their website is I recommend you check them out, and maybe even put their link on your site, it is a wonderful group of people.
Best, Mike Provenza


Thank you so much Mike! I will for sure take a look and see what they are doing!!
Best wishes, Siggi

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