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Kenya Travel Ideas

Kenya Travel Ideas – what could those be, you might ask yourself while dreaming about Africa??

God knows there are gazillion thousand options, advertisements, safari operators etc etc, which, at times, can be highly overwhelming.

So, what makes this website about Kenya different from others? What sets it apart from those mainstream commercialized sites?

Well, are you interested in an intimate knowledge about Kenya from somebody who has been there numerous times, over longer periods and then decided to make it home?!

Someone who fell in love with it the first time she set foot on its soil and now can’t stop exploring this amazing country?

If that triggers your interest, then you are in the right place and should continue reading.

Lioness Elephant love Zebra

After having visited for many years and now living in Nairobi, it makes for a very different perspective and deeper understanding of this country. The beauty, that is to be found out in the bush and in the coastal regions, is still out of this world.

There are places you shouldn’t miss and I will tell you All about them and also share with you 'hidden secrets' you wouldn’t hear and learn about while browsing the typical Kenya travel websites.

Just to list a few things you will find on Kenya Travel Ideas:

  • Learn about the BEST Hotels, Lodges & Camps (with personal reviews & suggestions)

  • Fascinating facts about the Animals that live in this part of the world

  • Discover the World’s Greatest Wildlife Spectacle; the amazing Wildebeest Migration

  • Interested about cooking and tasting local exotic new dishes and desserts?

  • How about some shopping in Kenya?

  • Introducing fantastic, highly talented Kenyan Artists

  • Help & suggestions to organizing your safari of a lifetime!

  • Need help to find a place to live here? Ask away!

People have asked me many times...why Kenya?! It’s not a question that can be answered in a short sentence as it involves so many things. The different smells of the air, the amazing skies, sunsets, the friendliness of the people, the deep roots one is able to feel here, the beauty of the landscape and its animals..

It is almost impossible to describe it as it gets under your skin and becomes part of you.

So, long story short, you should come and experience Kenya for yourself!!

You can find Kenya Travel Ideas on Facebook! Please come & join us!!

Table of Contents

Kenya Travel Ideas Blog
The Kenya Travel Ideas Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the kenyatravelideas.com Web site. Subscribe here.
What started KTI
What started KTI and who is behind it all?
Kenya Newspapers
The Daily Nation on the web, one of Kenya newspapers, is THE best place to stay on top of every day developments and politics in this country
Kenya Facts
Kenya Facts offers in depth information about this country. There are detailed maps of Kenya, population density and the daily weather.
Kenya Radio Station
This Kenya Radio Station will give you a wonderful, cool and exciting way to LISTEN to what’s going on in Kenya. Everything from local news to the latest music trends.
Kenya Safari Specials
Browse some Kenya Safari Specials or Build or Own Safari! There are many options; we will help you find the right ones!
Kenya Pictures
This photo gallery of Kenya pictures and videos will give you an idea about Kenya's natural wonders.
Favorite Kenya Lodges
Presenting my Favorite Kenya Lodges, Hotels and Camps! Personal reviews & pictures will tell & show you why they are our favorites!
Honeymoon in Kenya
If you are seeking a romantic, private, magical place, you should celebrate your honeymoon in Kenya!!
Kenya Hotels Guide
Do you need to find a place to stay? Kenya Hotels Guide will point you in the right direction.
Kenya Camping
Kenya Camping is pretty much possible all over the country. The tricky part is to find the right one.
Kenya Animals
The most famous Kenya Animals are knows as ‘The Big 5’; and there are many more wonderful animals to discover.
Wildebeest Migration
Wildebeest migration is one of the last BIG migrations in the animal world
Birds of Kenya
The Birds of Kenya have every bird-lovers heart jump with joy, and win everybody else's over in a heart beat!!
List of Kenya Wildlife
This List of Kenya Wildlife provides animals you might see on your safari.
Kenya National Parks and Reserves
There are some 54 Kenya National Parks and Reserves covering almost 10% of the land area.
Kenya Coast Bamburi Beach
Kenya Coast Bamburi Beach is located about 12km north of Mombassa
Kenya People
Kenya People are not without their population problems, but their peaceful example stands out among the countries of the world.
Famous People from Kenya
Famous people from Kenya have poured their hearts and souls into this country. They have helped to build and shape Kenya to what it is today.
Kenya Recipes
Discover the fantastic food of Kenya with 'Kenya Recipes'. Find out all about Ugali and the culinary culture of this great country.
Kenya Music
Kenya music will give you an overview of the history and the modern music trent in Kenya
Kenya Cultures
Kenya cultures are among the most fascinating ones in the world
Kenya Art: Karim Kara
Introducing a brilliant wildlife Photographer to Kenya Art: Karim Kara
Shopping in Kenya
While shopping in Kenya you will come across wonderful carvings and fantastic textiles, that will make it hard to hold on to your money
Your Kenya Ideas
This is for you to have a chance to share your Kenya ideas with us
Attractions in Kenya
What to do while you're visiting? Here are some interesting & note-worthy attractions in Kenya
Movies about Kenya
Movies about Kenya will transport your right into the heart of this amazing country
My Kenya Favorites
An introduction to MY Kenya favorites and ideas for things not to miss while in Kenya.
Safari Tips
Practical safari tips for your stay in Kenya and Africa in general.
Kenya Real Estate
There is still a lot of great potential in developing Kenya Real Estate and also lots of places to rent
Africa Travel Links
Valuable Africa Travel Links to discover Kenya and Beyond.
Kenya Safari Tours
Tips on finding the right Kenya Safari Tour Operator. The Best being a local Specialist in the field
Africa Travel Books
Africa Travel Books offer a variety of personal accounts of growing up and traveling in and through Africa. There are also links to special Books on Kenya and Travel Guides.
Swahili and English are the official languages of both Kenya and Tanzania
Kenya Information
Be the first to hear new exciting kenya information in our 'Discovering Kenya' newsletter.
Universal Currency Converter
This Universal Currency Converter converts Kenyan Shillings into US Dollars in a flash

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