Favorite Kenya Lodges, Hotels & Camps

A collection of my Favorite Kenya Lodges!

Looking for something different than the usual 'straight forward' accommodations? Something that will make your stay in Kenya just that extra little bit more memorable?

You are at the right place!

Kenya offers many different options; you can go very basic and simply pitch your own tent, or do it IN STYLE with a high-end 5 star hotel & spa.

Your choices between tenting and 5-star resorts are really incredible vast and numerous.

For general suggestions please go to Kenya Hotel Directory!

HERE, on this page, I will tell you ALL about the places that stand out and are destined to not wanting you to leave! In short, my FAVORITE Kenya Lodges!!

Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself!!

It will include:

  • Relaxing Meditation Retreats by the coast

  • Spectacular Resorts & Hotels in awe-inspiring surroundings

  • Fabulous Eco-Lodges

  • Tucked away Tented Camps with luxury tents & just the right amount of comfort & tranquility

Being very conscious about the impact on the environment, I research places that claim to be Eco or Eco-friendly.

It's no surprise - Not all of them REALLY are! So, it's good to look around a bit and pick the one's that come the closest to keeping the human 'footprint' to a minimum, especially in places like the Maasai Mara.

You might not think about that, but Kenya has some amazing Meditation & Yoga Retreats and if this is something that interests you, you are in for a huge treat and pure relaxation & rejuvenation!

This will be all about my most Favorite Kenya Lodges, with personal recommendations, reader's reviews and suggestions.

Favorite Kenya Lodges:

Mbuyu Beach Bungalows

Mbuyu Beach Bungalows

Mbuyu Beach Bungalows is set right by the ocean, tucked away from mass tourism, with lovely hosts & a great budget to boot!
Can't miss that one!!

Msambweni Beach House

Msambweni Beach House

"Msambweni Beach House is one of these places best enjoyed with a 'Someone Special' and the perfect, ideal place for a Honeymoon, Valentine’s Day Treat, Special Occasion of any sorts, or just like that!"
I will leave it at that; just take a look! ;-)

Mara Bush Camp

Mara Bush Camp

My favorite place in the Maasai Mara is the Mara Bush Camp! Which of course is a very personal statement; I just found it to be exactly what I had been looking for and was in heaven!

It’s a small camp, with just the right amount of luxury, amazing food and a prime location! Have a look!

Reader Reviews:
Mara Bush Camp - Review
Mara Bush Camp - Deutscher Beitrag
Maasai Mara & Mara Bush Camp - Newspaper Article

Personal account of the camp 2010

Macushla House

Makushla House

Macushla House is a place where you can feel at home, relax before or after your safari and be at a very convenient location for all the attractions in and around Karen, one of Nairobi’s lovely suburbs.

Kinondo Kwetu

Kinondo Kwetu

Kinondo Kwetu is a little bit like a home away from home – It’s just more like paradise! Actually a LOT more! - It’s an ideal place for simply doing nothing at all; but if you would like, it also offers exciting possibilities for some activities & adventures.

Interested to see what else is out there? Here are the best prices & deals!


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