What started KTI?!

My love for Kenya started quite some time ago and was fueled by movies like 'Out of Africa' (I stopped counting the times...), endless Documentary films about African animals, the Serengeti, Masai Mara, Kenya’s people and a great deal more of books about living in Kenya.

After years of dreaming about going to Kenya, FINALLY, in Feb. 2002, the time was right for me to go on this very first, unforgettable trip to this astonishing country. I managed to find a safari tour that covered many different areas and national reservations; from Samburu in the north, Aberdare, Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara to the south.

Seeing all these fabled places and animals in the wild, hearing, feeling and breathing in this air, that seems to be so different from everything else, made me flow above the ground for at least the first few days. Until it finally hit me! I was REALLY there!

Being a photographer, I had the time of my life; I must have shot pretty much half of my rolls, I brought for the entire trip, on those first couple of days. I had been a little concerned about if we would see Elephants, so, the first herd we met, I went for it. ;) (the photos you’ll find on this website are all results from these photo opt attacks)

This whole experience was absolutely amazing, blew my mind and made me totally hooked for sure!

They say, once you’ve traveled around in Africa, you’ll leave a little bit of yourself behind; it is definitely the truth in my case. Actually it is more like a part of me now!

A website about Kenya

Coming back from this trip, I realized that I had all this material from researching and preparing for this adventure and felt, that I wanted to share this information with other Kenya Lovers.

Than this brilliant idea came to me about having a website to do just that. - And also to create something that would generate some residual income and the opportunity to travel back to Kenya.

After some intense research on the internet, I came across Site Build It! , which is a incredible organization.

With SBI! I found a possibility to realize another dream of mine; to be the Owner of a Website! the second part to what started KTI.

By the way, if you have a similar dream, as well as traveling to Kenya, and would like to learn more about this amazing way of building your own website, please feel free to take a peek.

Beside providing all the tools necessary to build a successful, traffic friendly site, SBI! also does all the web hosting and so much more. From registering your domain name to all the reports and search engine tracking your heart desires.

If you would like a QUICK TOUR, please click away. ;-)

The Result

You are looking at the result of this adventures! I hope, you will enjoy it and find what you are looking for or something new, you didn’t know about Kenya before.

Would you like to see what other people have to say about KTI? Please have a look!

There is just something about this country, that keeps me going back for more! It is the air, the people, the animals.....

This is quite an interesting thing in itself considering the fact, that I was born in Germany, had this crazy desire and fascination with the United States, moved to California in 1995 and love it. But now I’m also 'infected' with this unstoppable "Africa bug". Go figure....

UPDATE: I am now (as of 2011) dividing my time between the two places I call home; Kenya & California. It gives me a unique opportunity to report and give details about things in Kenya from a very personal perspective and also be able to spend time with my ‘friend-family’ in CA and promote Kenya in the USA.

What can I say; it must be in my genes. My late grandfather loved to travel around, although only in Germany, but my mother tells me, that he would have liked the idea of traveling the world.

Talking about the world, on a side note, if there will ever be a thing such as a 'world citizen', I will be first in line!

Hoping, that this site accomplished to intrigue you just a little bit more than you’re probably already are, then that would be fantastic!!

Wishing you amazing, excellent safaris and don’t resist the bug; the "Africa bug" that is. ;) It is a wonderful thing!!

Asante sana for visiting Kenya Travel Ideas.

Please fell free to contact me, love to hear from you!!

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