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Kenya Hotels Guide

Do you need to find a place to stay? Kenya Hotels Guide will point you in the right direction.

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Famous People from Kenya

Famous people from Kenya have poured their hearts and souls into this country. They have helped to build and shape Kenya to what it is today.

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Kenya Recipes

Discover the fantastic food of Kenya with 'Kenya Recipes'. Find out all about Ugali and the culinary culture of this great country.

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Favorite Kenya Lodges

Presenting my Favorite Kenya Lodges, Hotels and Camps! Personal reviews & pictures will tell & show you why they are our favorites!

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Rockwall, Nyali

After almost two weeks of exclusively eating Indian food, we take a wedding breather to get some, you guessed it, Indian food. But not just any: grub that

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Distant Relatives, Kilifi

I’m covered in dust. I’m thirsty. The sun is beating down. And it’s waaaay past lunch time when we get to Distant Relatives in Kilifi. I stumble from

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Drop of a Hat

Drop of a Hat – Hats that are unique, young, vibrant and affordable and there is something for everyone.

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Birds of Kenya

The Birds of Kenya have every bird-lovers heart jump with joy, and win everybody else's over in a heart beat!!

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The Arbor

It’s been a long Wednesday and I’m glad to get out of the house. I get to The Arbor on James Gichuru and find a cozy spot in the beautiful garden. A very

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Carnivore, Langata

Nothing ever changes here but the weather. The same seems to be true for Carnivore. If you can live off your reputation, you don’t have to upgrade your

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Picazzo, The Hub, Karen

Hands down: my current favorite! We start off with a strawberry-cranberry dawa. I could easily drink these all day, every day. Not too sweet (this could

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Java House Karen

I love coffee. We all love coffee. Whether we can wrap our heads around the ridiculous prices for a 375gm bag of Kenyan coffee in Kenya for Kenyans, or

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La Cascina, inside The Hub

It's a nice place to sit and visit, have a coffee & the Gelato (icecream) is indeed delicious! For dinner, my birthday, I had hoped for a little bit

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Best Restaurants in Kenya

The best Restaurants in Kenya offer a great blend of a multicultural scene and it is being recognized for its fast-growing foodie culture.

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Honeymoon in Kenya

If you are seeking a romantic, private, magical place, you should celebrate your honeymoon in Kenya!!

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