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August, 2004 ISSUE #007

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This will be a short newsletter, as I am preparing to take a break, visiting my family in Germany and also visiting friends in Kenya and do some research on new and exciting items to add to ‘Kenya Travel Ideas’.

There are a few things I would like tell you about this time, and one of them is the long anticipated launch of 'Kiss100 FM - Nairobi's Fresh Hits' website. It is scheduled to be live on September 20, 2004 and I for one am very much looking forward to this event.

Also, Northwest Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will reduce the free weight allowance for international checked baggage for customers in Coach Class whose travel originates on or after November 1, 2004. The free weight allowance for international checked baggage will be 50 pounds (23 kilograms) per piece. Currently, 70 pounds (32 kilograms) per piece is accepted. An overweight fee in the amount of $35USD/$50CAD will be assessed for bags that weigh more than 50 pounds (23 kilograms) and up to 70 pounds. Bags that weigh between 71 pounds (33 kilograms) and 100 pounds (46 kilograms) are subject to the current fee calculation based on excess baggage rates for the applicable origin and destination. As a standard, baggage that weighs over 100 pounds must be sent via alternate means using a known shipper or freight forwarder. I thought, that this might be a good thing to know!

On August 4th, 2004, the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) celebrated the official opening of the ‘Lion Rock Tented Camp‘, a spectacular 24-bed luxury ecolodge located in the Taita Taveta district of Southern Kenya, close to AWF’s Kilimanjaro Heartland.
What Makes this Ecolodge So Unique?
The Lion Rock Tented Camp is part of the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary (which neighbors the populous Tsavo West National Park), and part of the wider Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem – both popular international tourist destinations. AWF is pleased to see the local people benefiting from the union of conservation and enterprise and hopes that the Lion Rock Tented Camp will serve as a model for other sustainable business throughout Africa.

This is it for this time’s edition, Kwa heri (Good by) for now and wishing everybody a fantastic rest of the summer. Next time there will be many new pictures/photos, more Kenyan recipes, new ideas of time to spend in Kenya, especially on the coast (will be also looking into different options of volunteer work), local updates and news about the Kenyan real estate market.

Until next time.


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