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Hello Everyone, Once again, after actually a long time, I have some exciting news to share and wanted to touch base with you all. Hope this email finds you well! After a few trips into the bush and longer periods of time in Kenya, I accumulated quite a few photos and new information that I added to the website. I’m very visual and seeing photos help me put things into perspective and get a better feel for things. Don’t you agree?! Kenya Travel Ideas has a new 2011 look; if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. It’s more fitting to the new wider screens and I added a bit more ‘color’. One page I’m actually really proud to share; it is the new Birds of Kenya Gallery. So much fun to put together and more to follow soon! The set-up and connection between the website and page on Facebook is coming along great. I also integrated the option of leaving comments on each website page and sharing the pages if it’s worth sharing. Please feel free to have a look, share what’s on your mind or ask questions. Also like to share that I’m at the very early stages of putting together a Kenya Recipe E-book. Any input or ideas you might have on that note is highly appreciated. And if you would like me to add you to a mailing list specifically for updates on the development and release, please shoot me an email. ( To fastest way to browse the latest updates and news is the Kenya Blog Just going to highlight a few here for easier access:
- Birds of Kenya Gallery - Mida Creek is part of the Watamu National Marine Reserve; East Africa's largest mangrove creek. - David Sheldrick Trust Pictures , a place I can’t stay away from for too long! - Giraffe Center Pictures for a up close and personal experience with a Giraffe. - Kazuri Beads Factory , a humble experience to what can be accomplished with a dream and a passion to help single moms in need. I hope you enjoyed this latest edition, wishing you the best wherever you are and as always, if you have questions or ideas you would like to ask/add/share, please feel free to do so! Looking forward in hearing from you! Best wishes, Siggi

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