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October, 2005 ISSUE #013

Jambo and Asante Sana for being a ‘Discovering Kenya‘ Member.

Now, where has this year gone? Can’t believe it is already October, the beginning of the last quarter of the year. Things have been busy and exciting with organizing a Safari to Kenya in Feb. of 2006 and adding new pages and information. It was great, hearing from some of you already after publishing the announcement. ;-)

I hope, you’ll enjoy this times edition of ‘Discovering Kenya‘... it will be short and sweet, with lots of exciting new things and updates.

1. Intro
2. Contents
3. New additions to KTI
- New page about Kenya Music
- New pages about Kenya National Parks
4. Kenya enrolls in fund to boost use of computers
5. Kenya Music Scene News
6. AWF collars elephants

New additions to KTI:

- New page about Kenya Music
There is a brand new page about Kenya Music , with a little bit of history and the latest trends & talents. Also a short list of the newest albums published by these artists. This is a work in progress and I will be adding new things as they come out. So be sure to visit again and check for the latest updates. And if you’d like to have some artists added, please send me an email with the info.

- New pages about Kenya National Parks & Reserves
This new pages offers a list of Kenya National Parks & Reserves, with some details of what kind of animals you’ll find there and how the environment and surroundings look like in these different areas. It is fantastic, to find this big of a variety for natural habitats and wildlife in just one country!

Kenya enrolls in fund to boost use of computers
Daily Nation 10/01/2005

Kenya has joined a global financing initiative aimed at promoting access to information and communications technologies (ICTs).

The Global Digital Solidarity Fund (DSF) is aimed at bridging the digital divide between industrialized and developing nations.

The fund is meant to boost knowledge dissemination and sharing of experiences in the developing world. It was started on March 14, 2005, by African Heads of State under the chairmanship of Nigerian President Olesegun Obasanjo, who is also the chairman of the African Union (AU).

Kenya joined the fund on Tuesday at a ceremony held at the United Nations offices in Geneva, according to the Communications Commission of Kenya.

Kenya’s permanent representative to the UN mission in Geneva, Ms Amina Mohammed, signed the declaration together with Mr Guy-Olivier Segond, the fund's president.

Kenya joins 21 founding members at the fund, including eight governments, 12 cities and local governments, and one international organization.

Kenya Music Scene News
Kiss 100 FM – Nairobi’s Fresh Hits!

- Kleptomaniax Headed for MTV Europe Fame

Klepto are faced with their greatest achievement to date: representing Kenya at the MTV Europe Music Awards. They are the first Kenyan group to be given the Kenyan-flag-flying nomination, and one of just five African artistes who will be competing for the first ever-African award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The Klepto trio of Roba, Nyash and Collo will face-off with Kaysha (DRC), Zamajobe (South Africa), 2-FACE Idibia (Nigeria) and 02 (Angola) for the title of ‘Best African Act’ in the MTV Europe Music Awards 2005 to be held in Lisbon on 3rd November 2005.

- Celebrity Wedding of the Year!

The guest list to Nameless (David Mathenge) and Wahu Kagwi's wedding read like the 'who's who' in Kenya's entertainment industry. The card-only ceremony, held at Naivasha Country Club on Saturday 10th September, was beautiful and intimate. Wahu arrived by boat to the lakeside garden wedding venue dressed like a true African queen. Nameless, her King, received her dressed in a black suit with cow hide accents that reminded you of Eddie Murphy in Coming to America.

AWF collars elephants in Kilimanjaro Heartland

AWF elephant research and conservation efforts in the Kilimanjaro Heartland got a major boost when elephant researcher Alfred Kikoti successfully fitted GPS collars on six elephants near Mt. Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania.

The six GPS (Global Positioning System) collars communicate with satellites to track and record information on the elephants’ movements.

The collaring occurred between September 1st and 3rd and was the culmination of several months of preparation during which Alfred obtained necessary approvals and permits from national and local authorities and assembled a diverse team of experts and representatives from a number of organizations.

For for information please visit: AWF.

This is it for this times edition, Kwaheri (Good by) for now and wishing everybody a wonderful, colorful autumn.

Until next time.

Best of regards,

PS: If you are interested in finding out a little bit more about me, feel free to venture out to 'What started KTI'.

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