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May 2, 2004 ISSUE #005

Jambo and Asante Sana for becoming a ‘Discovering Kenya‘ Member.

The heavy rains are almost over and it is getting easier again to find a dry place in Kenya. ;) One good thing though; all this rain did wonders for the local tea production this year, and that is a very good thing. But just thinking about this wet weather makes me curl up in my comfy clothes, lounging in my favorite chair and reading a book or magazine… that will get me to a foreign place of sheer enjoyment. What better time to catch up on the latest news on your most favorite travel location?!?! So, get yourself comfortable, relax your mind, there is lots of information this time on wildlife & environment, so enjoy!... and I promise to make it short and sweet, with exciting news and updates.

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3. New additions of the Month
- New pages about Kenya Cultures & Kenya Animals
4. Air Travel Deals
5. North Coast tourism comeback
6. Environment & Wildlife
7. Local News


New additions of the Month:

a. New Pages about Kenya Cultures & Kenya Animals
These two new exciting pages offer yet another closer look into Kenya.

Kenya Cultures shows us the differences between cultures and tradition, but also that there are many things in common. Like their love for sports, partying and good music and also the delight of an excellent meal.

Kenya Animals list the famous ‘Big 5’ in all their glory and beauty. It is truly a sight to behold to see these wild beasts in their natural environments and it’s a moment you’ll always remember. Interested to find out which one I’m talking about??? Come and check it out....

Kenya Cultures Page
Kenya Animals Page

Air Travel Deals
There are many of reasons to visit Africa and these new Air Travel Deals sure make the decision a bit easier.

Iberia Airlines just came out with an incredible Spring/Fall sale with travel dates from May 1 - June 30 and September 1 - October 31. This broad sale is available for 20+ US gateways, with some of the best fares ever from the West Coast of the US, and includes many African destinations such as Johannesburg, Casablanca and Lagos starting at only $731. Once you’re on their site look under ’Special offer’.

Airfare Planet offers fantastic Christmas Fares through British Airways. Travel must begin between October 28 - December 25 and/or December 25 - March 20, 2005. Departure is out of many major US city’s with destinations into Cape Town, Johannesburg, NAIROBI, Lusaka, Harare, Entebbe, Dar Es Salaam, Addis Ababa, Accra, Dubai, Cairo and Beirut. Prices start at $854 for the East Coast and $957 for the West Coast (US).

Also, Emirates Airlines now offers new flights into China from Kenya. Initially, Emirates will operate three flights a week between Dubai and Shanghai on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Daily flights will start on May 25, offering even more convenient travel options between the two metropolises.
Emirates is already the most popular air operator from Kenya to Asia via Dubai, flying direct 14 times a week to Nairobi. They also fly daily to Kampala Uganda and Dar es Salaam, and connects Africa to Russia, Japan, South Asia and Australia in addition to Europe.

North Coast tourism comeback
The ‘Daily Nation’ reports that tourism in Malindi and other parts of the North Coast is at its peak in six years, with establishments recording full bookings.

Tour operators and hoteliers said the good times come in the wake of reduced international air fares by leading airlines. On the Italian market, for example, fares to Kenya have been cut by more than half, from $800 to $350.

Other reasons for the influx of visitors, mainly from Europe include aggressive marketing by private operators and the Government through the Kenya Tourism Board, as well as vastly improved security.

The increasing number of visitors has led to increased commercial activity in Malindi, Watamu and Mambrui resorts. Business that has picked up includes rental of private villas, cottages and vehicles. Travel agents and safari organizers have been enjoying good bookings to places such as the Tsavo and Amboseli.

Environment & Wildlife
It is official now, that farming in forest land has been banned in Kenya. The ban, by the Government, followed an extended notice that was issued last year after farmers had asked for more time to harvest their crops. The ban includes, that no new ground should be broken within the forest areas for purposes of non-resident cultivation. Also, forest officers are ordered not to allow any non-resident cultivators into the forest, and to ensure that there is no cultivation on river banks.
Kenya, according to Environment minister Newton Lulundu, loses 19,000 hectares of forests each year. He said that in the last 20 years, the country’s forest cover had shrunk to 1.9 per cent of land mass.

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) reports that the Maasai Steppe Elephants Win With a New Grant!!
The Tarangire Elephant Project (TEP) and Manyara Ranch has received an $80,000 grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to support elephant research and conservation efforts in the Maasai Steppe Heartland. The grant will help the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) partners study elephant migration and behavior and strengthen anti-poaching efforts.

Elephants are an essential component of the Maasai Steppe ecosystem – they create habitats for numerous species by dispersing seeds and modifying the landscape as they migrate. When they are confined by park boundaries and human settlements, however, elephants modify the habitat to an unnatural degree and upset the ecological balance. Thus, for both the elephant population and the numerous species they support, the identification and protection of migration corridors and dispersal areas outside of parks is critical.

Local News
Here are some ‘Cutting Edge’ story’s from the ‘Daily Nation’ about the matatu (taxi) situation in Kenya:

It seems the new rules in public transport have also changed the character of matatu crew. Cathrine Kiganjo of Nairobi talks of how she recently boarded a number 6 matatu from the city center to Eastleigh when on of the passengers noticed that her mobile phone had gone missing. When the matter was reported to the crew, the tout insisted that nobody would get off until the cell phone was produced. Sure enough, the phone reappeared “miraculously” and they proceeded with the journey in peace.

Another exciting story comes from M.M. of Uthiru whose brother dropped a wallet, also containing money, in a matatu at night the other day. Not only did the matatu crew pick up the wallet and contacted a number on a calling card in the wallet, but also kept the Sh 7,000 found in the wallet intact for the owner. “Stem Shuttle Services deserves a pat on the back,” says M.M.

How wonderful to see and hear, that this new ruling is doing some very good things for the daily commuter in Kenya.

This is it for now, whishing everybody the very best for future travel plans, Kwa heri (Good by) Until next time.


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