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Hello Everyone,

It’s time again to give you some news and touch base with you All. I promised to only ‘bug’ you when there are exciting and worth while things to report; there are some now!

Some of you might have heard about this year big CITES meeting in Doha and after a lot of touch and go, the Elephants are safe for now until the next meeting.

It also seems that a new constitution is finally being worked out and in the process of being approved and put in place.

Kenya Travel Ideas also finally made it onto Facebook and you can find it here. It gives another platform to interact with other travelers and for finding more current news about the country. Come join us!

Here are the latest additions to KTI’s website:

- A brand new page, all about Shopping in Kenya; with links to Contemporary Art Galleries and information about the different arts, as well as a page about , Crafts & Markets in Kenya, with a Directory and tips on where to go and what to see.

- The Kenya Hotel page received some new fantastic hotel links and more are coming, especially for the Coast. Keep checking for more.

- The Honeymoon in Kenya page received a new look and lovely new places to stay and FINALLY the long promised ‘Wedding in Kenya & Honeymoon Safari’ is here! - For the adventures couple who would like to ‘spice’ up the special day a little bit more and take it to an romantic, special, exotic place. What better setup than having your special day, and than go immediately onto your honeymoon without needing to pack up etc. Take a look!

- I added more books/coffee table to My Favorites: Elephants page to extend the collection a little bit. My dear friend Deepani from Sri Lanka helped me compile more titles, so now you will find more about the Sri Lanka & India elephants on the list. Enjoy!

This is it for today, wishing a wonderful rest of the weekend and if you have any kind of questions or ideas you would like to ask/add/share, please feel free to do so!

Kwaheri and all the best,


PS: If you are interested in finding out a little bit more about me, feel free to venture out to 'What started KTI'.

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