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March, 2005 ISSUE #009

Jambo and Asante Sana for becoming a ‘Discovering Kenya‘ Member.

It’s been an exciting month and finally I will be able to share some pictures and memories about my latest trip to Kenya with you. Thank you very much for your patience; I believe, and hope, that you will decide it was worth the wait. ;) Thank you also for the kind words, that some of you send my way since the last e-zine. I always love to hear from you.

But now, without having you wait any longer, here we go. Get yourself comfortable, kick off your shoes and enjoy this times edition of ‘Discovering Kenya‘... it will be short and sweet, with exciting news and many photos.

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1. Intro
2. Contents
3. New additions to KTI
- New page with pictures about rhinos
- Article about my stay in the Masai Mara
- New page about lions, with many new photos
4. Kenya recipe book in the works
5. For the ‘serious’ cycling fan: Tour d’Afrique
6. Kenyan school turns to handhelds


New additions to KTI:

- New page with pictures about rhinos
The rhinos! Wouw. Every time I see these animals, I feel transported back in time when dinosaurs roamed this planet. They are so impressive to look at, especially when you have a change to get really close. We had that opportunity at the Rhino Sanctuary in the Masai Mara. There are two rhinos living in the sanctuary at the moment and they have been there for some time. If the Masai Mara is on your itinerary, it would be definitely worth stopping by. The view over the Masai plains from up there is also incredible and worth pointing out. Pictures about Rhinos

- Article about my stay in the Masai Mara
One week in the Kicheche camp in the Masai Mara. And what a glorious week it was. As I had mentioned before, it was the ‘wildebeest migration’ season and it was fantastic to see it finally ‘LIVE’. Also the amount of other animals we saw this time seemed extraordinary. The Masai Mara is known as the best spot to see many animals throughout the year, but we felt we scored especially big this time. Regardless! Here is the link to the full article. Enjoy!

- New page about lions, with many new photos
In an ongoing effort to include more information to the ‘Kenya Animals’ page, this new section about lions has been added. Lions belong to the “BIG 5” and it is pretty much 100% for sure, that you will see these remarkable animals on a safari in Kenya. This is just to wet your appetite a little bit more. ;) Kenya Animals: Lions

Kenya recipe book in the works
After getting some good feedback about the two Kenyan recipe pages, we decided to work on a whole book to put it all together. Traditional recipes, local desserts and more Kenyan recipes for meat lovers. (That section is lacking a little bit, since I’m a vegetarian) I am working together with my Kenyan friend and she will also add some traditional Kikuyu recipes, which are absolutely delicious. (Tested it myself) Will keep you informed on when it is going to be available. And if you have anything special or specific you would like to see in there, please let us know!!

For the ‘serious’ cycling fan: Tour D'Afrique
My partner in crime, Jack, embarked on an epic bicycle ride of a lifetime in January. He is riding, on his bicycle, from Cairo/Egypt all the way to Cape Town/South Africa. He will be riding 11,500-kilometer (7,145-mile) and it will take about 100 days. They just arrived in Nairobi and he is having the time of his life; with ALL the challenges and extreme conditions one encounters on an adventure like this. The organization who puts this all together, from the food supply to making sure, that all reasonable precautions to guarantee the safety of each individual are taken, is Tour d’Afrique. The wonderful thing about this organization is the ‘thought’ behind putting a trip together like this.

“Tour d'Afrique was conceived in part to champion bicycle as an alternative to the automobile. The tour will point out that a group of individuals can even cross a continent such as Africa in 100 days. By biking and by delivering the message for a rational approach to transportation we hope to make an impact both on decision makers and on the people around the world.”

What a way of seeing Kenya/Africa!!! It is possible of joining the group for just a few sections; seven more riders will start in Nairobi.

After telling Jack all about my adventures in this amazing country, he finally can see and experience it for himself. And boy, he certainly is doing this in a very unique kind of way and it will be incredible to hear his stories.

To learn more about Tour d’Afrique, please visit them at:

Kenyan school turns to handhelds
(BBC News from 3/2/05)
At the Mbita Point primary school in western Kenya students click away at a handheld computer with a stylus!

It is a pilot project run by EduVision, which is looking at ways to use low cost computer systems to get up-to-date information to students who are currently stuck with ancient textbooks.

Matthew Herren from EduVision told BBC program Go Digital how the non-governmental organization uses a combination of satellite radio and handheld computers called E-slates.

The system is cheaper than installing and maintaining an internet connection and conventional computer network. The project is still at the pilot stage and EduVision staff are on the ground to attend to teething problems with the Linux-based system.

EduVision is planning to include audio and video files as the system develops and add more content. Currently the project is operating in an area where there is mains electricity. But Mr Herren says EduVision already has plans to extend it to more remote regions.

Maciej Sundra, who designed the user interface for the E-slates, says the project’s ultimate goal is leveling access to knowledge around the world. She said: “ Why in this age when most people do most research using the internet are students still using textbooks? The fact that we are doing this in a rural developing country is very exciting - as they need it most.”

How wonderful is this?!! This is it for this times edition, Kwa heri (Good by) for now and wishing everybody a wonderful Easter weekend.

Until next time.


PS: If you are interested in finding out a little bit more about me, feel free to venture out to 'What started KTI'.

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