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February, 2006 ISSUE #014

Jambo and Asante Sana for being a ‘Discovering Kenya‘ Member.

Long time no see! How is everybody? I hope the New Year has been fruitful and exciting so far. I know many of you are battling the cold winter and snow, so I thought a little hello with thoughts and memories of sunny Kenya would help brighten up the day a bit.

The temperature there is at a very nice 80F (about 30C) and it is mostly sunny in and around Nairobi. In Mombasa it’s a tat warmer and the water should be nice and perfect. The ‘long’ rains are suppose to come soon and everybody has high hopes, since it has been a very hot and super dry year, with a big drought in the northern part of the country.

So, here is to a hopefully "soon to be over winter" and a colorful, beautiful spring!

1. Intro
2. Contents
3. New additions to KTI
- Kenya Wildlife List
- New Safari in September
- New Kenya Favorite Addition
4. Kenyans Win Dubai Stanchart Marathon
5. AWF's Helen Gichohi Honored by President of Kenya
6. Motorola Helps AWF Strengthen Its Communications Network on the Ground
7. New great deals for plane tickets to Kenya

New Additions to KTI:

- Kenya Wildlife List
The Kenya Wildlife List is expending! There are links to old favorites and new additions, growing on a regular basis now. There will also be a special section on Kenya’s Bird Life as well; coming up very soon.

- New Safari in September
There are plans under way for a new exciting wildlife safari this coming September to witness the greatest annual wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara National Reserve. We will catch our first glimpse of the million-strong wildebeest crossings the day we’ll get there and have 4 more days to make sure to catch the full spectacle of it. Please take a look and come join us!

- New Kenya Favorite Addition
Nancy Manor, aka Nosim, sends in her experiences from her first ever safari to Kenya and the wonderful adventure that followed that first memorable trip.

If you would like to share YOUR story, please go ahead and send it over. And if you have some photos to add and share as well, even better! ;-)

Kenyans Win Dubai Stanchart Marathon
The East African Standard (Nairobi)
February 18, 2006

There was double joy for Kenyans in the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, as they swept the honors in the men and women’s' categories. Joseph Ngeny conquered the 42km course to finish first in the men's category while Delilah Asiago claimed victory in the women's.

And in Nairobi, it was a dream come true for four national team athletes yesterday when they received Sh20 million prize money won in the 2005-6 Greatest Race on Earth (GROE) Marathon. The Greatest Race series started in Nairobi, moved to Singapore, Mumbai and Hong Kong.

The athletes were Edward Muge who finished 23rd in the Nairobi Marathon, Paul Bor who came 13th in Singapore, Stanley Leleto third in Mumbai and Hong Kong Marathon winner Simon Bor.

AWF's Helen Gichohi Honored by President of Kenya

AWF's Vice President for Program, Dr. Helen Gichohi, was honored in December by the President of Kenya for her service to the nation's conservation movement. The presidential awards went to a range of government ministers, academics, community leaders, clergy, and public servants who were selected because of their extraordinary social, political, economic, or scientific contributions.

In addition to her work in Kenya, Dr. Gichohi oversees all AWF's conservation operations across eleven countries. She is an authority on landscape-level conservation and a leading figure in East African conservation. Dr. Gichohi earned her doctorate in ecology at England's University of Leicester, and was one of five panelists chosen to advise former President Bill Clinton on African environmental issues in 1998.

Motorola Helps AWF Strengthen Its Communications Network on the Ground

AWF recently delivered 41 Motorola radio handsets to the warden and rangers of Samburu National Reserve in northern Kenya. Before that, rangers scattered throughout the park had no way of communicating with each other over the vast acacia-studded landscape. AWF and Motorola have supplied the tools to ensure rangers in the park stay connected and the wildlife remains protected.

The radio handsets delivered to Samburu in December are part of a larger in-kind donation Motorola made last year. In all, the company donated 253 radio handsets valued at $114,000 to AWF projects and partners in six AWF Heartlands across eastern, southern, and central Africa.

Where communication networks are fully equipped, conservation results have been remarkable.

At AWF's elephant research camp on the western slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, a network of Motorola radios and base stations allow game scouts hired from local communities to monitor elephant movements. The radios will also allow the scouts to quickly report threats to elephants or to anti-poaching staff working to protect them.

For for information please visit: AWF.

New great deals for plane tickets to go to Kenya has new deals for traveling to Africa. Tickets to go to Kenya start from $799 and the prices are good for the ‘low season’, which is from Jan 10 – April 2, 2006. They are flying via London, UK and the price is exclusive of taxes.

They also offer other routes, via Frankfurt or Amsterdam.

Kwa heri (Good by) for now and wishing everybody a fantastic upcoming spring and I will be in touch again shortly.

Until next time.

Best of regards,

PS: If you are interested in finding out a little bit more about me, feel free to venture out to 'What started KTI'.

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