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December 6, 2003 ISSUE #001

Jambo and Asante Sana for becoming a ‘Discovering Kenya‘ Member. It’s the end of the year and this will first newsletter! I promise to make it short and sweet, with exciting news and updates. So, get comfortable and Enjoy!

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- Safari Tour Operator
4. Local Music Artists Updates
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New additions of the Month:

a. The Zanzibar Chest
A Story of Life, love and Death in Foreign Lands by Aidan Hartley is the newest addition to our 'Africa Travel Books' section. This is one amazing book, let me just add a few praises:
“A stunning piece of work. There is an amazing depth, breadth and grace of fine writing in this book. It will reside permanently in my memory. No one should dare say the word ‘Africa’ without reading it.” -Jim Harrison
“Mesmerizing…A sweeping, poetic homage to Africa” -Publisher Weekly (Starred Review)
This is one of these books that will make you think for a long time. Besides talking about his childhood in Kenya, his fathers adventures and his experiences as a war correspondent, Aidan tells us what he saw and at times it will blow your mind.

b. Safari Tour Operator
‘Exodus - The Different Holiday’ is a hot recommendation from a dear travel companion from the UK. The selections of different holidays and tours are fantastic and so are the prices. One of the things they pay a large emphasis to is to use locally owned and run accommodations.

Local Musicians Updates
The Daily Nation reported sad new on December 2, 2003 One of Kenya’s leading rap stars, K-rupt, has been shot dead in a carjacking……His death brings to three the number of Kenyan music stars who have died in tragic circumstances this year. In March E-sir died after a road accident near Naivasha, and the following month Wicky Mosh died after hit by a bus in Nairobi while returning home from a gig…..Fellow musician Wahu Kagwe described his death as a severe blow to their generation on musicians…..K-rupt who risen to fame two years ago, recently released a track dubbed ‘Dada Njoo’, which is making its way to the top of the music charts.
For more info please go to, click on Daily Nation Archives and look under December 2, 2003.

Exciting Airfares offers fantastic Africa winter fares at the moment. The prices start at $829.00 plus tax from the US and you have to travel after Jan.8 and before April 3, 2004. Which, by the way, is also an excellent time to visit weather wise.
British Airways also has slashed fares from Nairobi to London on Christmas week to compete with great fares from East African Safari Airways, who just launched five flights a week for this route.
Hopefully this will also help in lowering the fares in general. Fingers crossed!!

Conservation efforts
The Daily Nation reported on November 11, 2003 that the Kenya Wildlife Service received $72,387 (Sh 5.57 million) from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to help Tsavo National Park to buy aviation fuel and spare parts for seven vehicles. The money will also fund the purchase of radios, helicopter gear and anti-poaching training for KWS pilots.

After a breakfast meeting on November 13th sponsored by the African Wildlife Foundation in Washington D.C. AWF states that Women play a critical role in African conservation and making important breakthroughs. To learn more about this please go to African Wildlife Foundation: News and Headlines from November 19, 2003.

Local News
It seems that finally there will be more order, respect and safety to matatu (Taxi) travel. After a strike, that lasted only two days, matatu drivers and conductors will have to comply to the requested changes which will come into effect beginning of 2004. Changes include security checks for drivers and conductors, speed governors and passenger seat belts. The name and address of the owner, the vehicle route, registered weight and carrying capacity should be also indicated on the vehicle. All matatu owners will also be required to pay their crew monthly salaries.

The Coffee sector sees fresh hope in special markets. Niche markets are now being seen as a means of boosting the price of East African’s coffee exports. Kenya’s coffee remains far superior to anything Brazil or Vietnam can produce, yet farmers are not getting full value for their produce, in part because of the marketing system. One of the proposals by the task force on coffee focuses on niche marketing. It’s the first time the government is recognizing the specialty coffee marketing needs to be encouraged as a way of improving earnings for farmers.

This is it for this first issue, Kwa heri (Good by) for now.

Wishing everybody a wonderful, peaceful Christmas time and a happy New Year.


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