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Java House Karen

I love coffee. We all love coffee. Whether we can wrap our heads around the ridiculous prices for a 375gm bag of Kenyan coffee in Kenya for Kenyans, or

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La Cascina, inside The Hub

It's a nice place to sit and visit, have a coffee & the Gelato (icecream) is indeed delicious! For dinner, my birthday, I had hoped for a little bit

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Best Restaurants in Kenya

The best Restaurants in Kenya offer a great blend of a multicultural scene and it is being recognized for its fast-growing foodie culture.

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Honeymoon in Kenya

If you are seeking a romantic, private, magical place, you should celebrate your honeymoon in Kenya!!

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Nairobi National Park Escape

Nairobi National Park Escape - a day in the park away from the city to refresh the soul and senses!

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Hippo Point is a magical place!!

Hippo Point is one of the most amazing places you'll ever set foot on!! From the moment you arrive, you will feel like you have come to a magical place.

Continue reading "Hippo Point is a magical place!!"

The Road to Hell

It had been many many years since I went back to Hells Gate. To be honest the new geothermal plant in the park has been putting me off of going since it

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Kenyaways is the ideal spot to soak up the sun, do plenty of swimming and watersports, and is notorious for its kitesurfing spot.

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The Sands at Nomad

The Sands at Nomad is a contemporary mix of nature, Swahili architecture, Italian interior deco, Arabic antique furniture and the comfort of a twist of luxury.

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Day at Lake Naivasha

A day at Lake Naivasha is just the thing after a long week in the city and satisfying the need for some nature!

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My Kenya Favorites

An introduction to MY Kenya favorites and ideas for things not to miss while in Kenya.

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Sandai Homestay & Cottages

Sandai Homestay & Cottages is a German-owned farm stay guest house on the plains between the Aberdare mountains and Mount Kenya. Your home away from home!

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Fairview Hotel

The Fairview Hotel is touted as home away from home. To many travelers the essential, reasonably priced hotel in Nairobi.

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Sarova Stanley

Sarova Stanley is amongst the few five star rated hotels in Nairobi. It is the oldest hotel in the city, having been established in 1902.

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Kiota Safari House

Welcome to Kiota Safari House – your African dream home. Imagine living surrounded by magnificent wildlife and gorgeous scenery.

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